The Iberoamerican Network of Interdisciplinary Research on Aging and Society is focused on the study of the social and cultural aspects of aging. As its name implies, the Network has an interdisciplinary orientation and considers the contribution of different fields of knowledge to the study of aging. Indeed, the interdisciplinary orientation is one of its main strengths.

The main objective of the Network is the development of joint research projects involving two or more members and having as focus the comparison among different Iberoamerican countries of certain aspects related to the socio-cultural dimension of aging. Specifically, it is of interest to generate knowledge related to the following areas:

  • Social representations of aging, ideologies about aging, and social practices related to old age.
  • Active aging: Older people’s contributions to families and communities.
  • Needs of older people and their families, especially in dependency and caregiving situations.
  • Social and educational policies related to old age.